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Day 2 Dubrovnik/ Montenegro tour

Kotor and Budva

Since we had toured around the city quite a bit the day before, we opted to do a day tour to the country of Montenegro the second day of our stop in Dubrovnik. The morning was a little rough since we went to bed at 4 am and had to be on the tour bus by 7! We did have a 2.5 hour bus ride to catch up on some sleep, before we got off to do anything. Our first stop was in the town of Kotor, which like Dubrovnik is a walled city and is a World Heritage site. It was a nice coastal town that was fortified by big walls (higher, but not as long as those in Dubrovnik) and surrounded by mountains and the sea. We did a nice walking tour through the town, hearing lots of facts that I may or may not remember (I seem to recall that it was settled in the 7th century). We stopped for a great lunch before heading to the city of Budva, another walled city right about the middle of the Croatian coast. Our guide on our boat told us that there weren't any spots to swim on this tour, so none of us brought our bathing suits, but then we got to Budva and there was a beach! We jokingly got mad at her when we got back to the boat, but we actually did end up going for a swim in Budva in our undies, so it was totally fine. We also took a walk around the medieval town, which was pretty cool – it is the oldest town on the Adriatic Sea as evidence has been found of a settlement from 2500 years ago! We had a couple of drinks while sitting on a wall listening to a street musician play guitar. When we got back to the boat the guide who told us not to take our bathing suits felt so bad about it that she promised to let us jump from the top deck of the boat, which we had previously been told was not allowed!
That night we had a cheap pizza dinner and then headed back into old town Dubrovnik. We went to a couple of bars that weren't overly exciting, but were fun nonetheless.
This night ended a little differently because some of the people we were hanging out with had found a better and safer cliff diving spot, and we were eager to give it a go. Only Colby and I and three others were keen to jump, while all the Australians stood around and watched because they were chickens! I'm sure my mom is not going to be happy about me swimming at night OR cliff diving, but I survived and it was a great night!

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