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Best island yet!

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We got to Santorini on Monday night at around 1am after a long 7 hour ferry ride. We went to bed right away and made sure we got up in good time the next day to get some activities in. It turns out they had free laundry, which is pretty much the best thing ever as a backpacker. So, instead of doing stuff around the Island, we spent the morning and early afternoon doing laundry and playing cribbage. We took off at around 3 for a hike from the town of Fira, where we were staying, to a town on the point of the island called Oia, where the sun sets are notoriously beatiful. It was a 3 hour hike over about 10k, and the sights were absolutely stunning. About half way through the hike, we came across a dog who decided to join us and followed us the rest of the way to Oia. We got to Oia at about 6, so we had to wait a couple hours for the sunset, which was hindered by clouds unfortunately. But the hike was well worth it, and the cloud covered sunset was still kind of cool. We got back to the hostel to actually find other people staying there! We hadn't come across many other fellow travelers since Istanbul, so this was a pleasant surprise. It was one girl's birthday so we played some drinking games and got to know everyone and then we all went out.

We designated Wednesday as a beach day. We joined a couple of other travelers we'd met the night before and took a bus to Black Beach, which is a beach with black rocky sand. We spent the day there, grabbed dinner, and then had a repeat of the night before. On Thursday, about half of our hostel friends booked a boat tour with us. It took us to the active ( well, the Greeks say it is active, but it is still dormant) volcano just off the island. It was pretty uneventful as all you could see was some sulfuric smoke coming out of the side of the mountain. It then took us to a spot just off of another island where you could jump off the boat and swim to some natural hot springs. We werent listening to the announcement so we just jumped off the top deck of the boat, and we got a good lecture from the tour guide lady (felt a lot like home LOL). Our last stop was a beach where we just sat, made some sandwiches, and had a beer. The boat dropped us off in Oia again where we actually saw a sunset! It was very beautiful. On this boat trip, we met a couple from Vancouver. It was the guy's 30th birthday, so we had to take him out for a night on the town. We pretty much repeated our routine from our first two nights, with the games and bars.

As you could tell, we had a ton of fun in Santorini. It was the highlight of our trip so far!

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